Taming ‘crazy hockey parents’

Taming ‘crazy hockey parents’.

A garbage can came flying over the glass at Peter Duncan one time.

The veteran minor hockey referee admits he found it funny at first, “but then I was sort of shocked.” He’d seen his fair share of over-exuberant hockey parents in the stands during his career in the stripes, but this incident took the cake.

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Crazy Sports Parents

Mom yelling at Ref

Oh mum, calm down already.

This is a brand new blog devoted to the coaches and players of youth athletics.  Parents are crazy, we get ridiculous complains from pine cones on the field to parents thinking they know all about a sport, but yet they refuse to volunteer to coach.  We all love the parents who were athletes in something like ping pong, but know all the intricacies of a man on 1st and 3rd, because they were ping oong experts and it translates into knowing all about baseball.

Youth sports for the most part in North America rely on volunteers.  These volunteers create opportunities for our children to play the games that they and we love.  Without these people willing to give their time, we would have either 1) all paid coaches which would increase the pay-to-play rates and decrease opportunities for youngsters or 2) the parents would have to step up….As an administrator, I wish that were the case, but most prefer to just complain….repeatedly.

So speaking with a bunch of my friends around the country, I brought up some recently absurd comments and situations made by parents and thought, hmmm I think we could create a funny blog with stories of complaints.  Honestly, parents forget that their children probably could care less about the politics (well I know they don’t care).

Teams of orphans are easy to coach, unfortunately most of us aren’t lucky enough to have a team of orphans, so we deal.

If you find this blog and want to share stories, please do!  Remember at the end of the day, these are games.  There are life lessons in sports as well, but the kids are almost always enjoying their time playing.  Parents/Grandparents can ruin 6 months of hardwork on the field with a coach, with 10 seconds in the car on the ride home with ridiculous comments.